Automatic Tube Brushing System

Automatic Back-flush System (ABS)
A Permanent Solution to Plate Fouling

On-Line Cleaning  


The Automatic Back-flush System by Water Technology will clean a plate and frame heat exchanger while the unit remains on-line. Daily back-flushing in the heat exchanger virtually eliminates plate fouling and the need to open the heat exchanger for periodic manual cleaning.

This HX-type valve fits easily into
plate and frame heat exchanger
piping and eliminates the need
for manual cleaning.

How it Works

The four-way valve automatically reverses water flow in the heat exchanger for about 30 seconds, once every 6 hours. The valve fits into the supply and return piping and is custom manufactured to suit any piping configuration.

The Automatic Back-flushing System Control panel consists of a 24-hour timer, a back-flush relay to control how long the valve remains in reverse flow, a cycle counter and a malfunction indicator.

Maintenance personnel can easily monitor the back-flushing cycles with a built-in cycle counter and valve position indicator.

The Automatic Back-flushing System
4-way valve uses reversed water flow
to clean the plates while the heat
exchanger remains on-line.